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Brazil’s Fish Exports Are Opening Up!

The updated rules will fundamentally change aquarium fish exports from Brazil going forward and are anticipated to greatly expand the diversity of species legally available to aquarium hobbyists around the globe.

28 Apr 8:19 PM 2

Characterizing the US Trade in Lionfishes

The Quarter 3, 2018 publication funded by the Dr. Junda Lin Memorial Fund for Publishing Open Access Marine Aquarium Research is now freely available to the public as an open-access article.

28 Oct 2:32 PM 0

Aquarium Livestock Leader Goes Green with New Shipping Boxes

Lansing, Michigan based aquarium livestock wholesaler A & M Aquatics announced their transition to a new form of shipping styro which, when exposed to the elements, can biodegrade in just a couple years.

22 Aug 1:47 AM 2