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CORAL Excerpt: Farewell to Fish Bags

Ohio coral farm and wholesaler Eye Catching Coral is successfully replacing plastic aquarium-fish-shipping bags with reusable specimen cups.

21 Feb 1:24 PM 2

VIDEO: Ted Judy’s 2016 Colombia Expedition, Ep. 4

Watch how the exporters here pack fish to go out of the country, and learn a little more about how they handle Altum Angelfish [Pterophyllum altum].

13 Mar 9:00 AM 1

Hawaii Animal Transport Bill Could Cripple Aquarium Trade

Aquarium trade exporters and others argue that the practices mandated by this proposed bill “…results in considerable hardship and mortality for fishes being transported.” Peer-reviewed science does not support SB 670, nor does technical documentation published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

25 Jan 4:09 PM 4