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MASNA’s Position Statement on proposed Lacey Act Amendments

MASNA, while not a lobbying organization, feels it is of benefit to our membership to continue to provide education and clarification regarding this matter, and the technical details within to ensure that our membership is well informed about how legislation like this may affect their ability to continue to enjoy the hobby.

10 Mar 4:39 PM 1

Aquarium Apocalypse? Can Lacey Act Amendments Really Cripple—or End—The U.S. Aquarium (and Pet) Trade?

Proposed legislation will undoubtedly have severe impacts on the aquarium hobby. Savvy aquarists will not underestimate the dire consequences of failing to consider the implications for themselves, the livelihoods of those involved in the trade, and the many benefits aquariums provide to people and aquatic species.

09 Feb 6:27 PM 6

Federal Legislation Threatens Pets, Zoos, Aquariums, and Biomedical Research

Proposed revisions to the Lacey Act have passed in the House, are headed to the Senate, and could bring the entire pet trade and hobby to a grinding halt.

04 Feb 2:41 PM 35