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Freshwater Tanks of the Aquatic Experience 2016, Part 1

Part 1 of our pictorial review covering freshwater aquarium displays at the 2016 Aquatic Experience – Chicago.

11 Nov 1:02 PM 1

AMAZONAS “Dazzling DANIOS” Issue: Inside Look

A visual preview of highlights in AMAZONAS Magazine’s November/December 2016 Issue. Paid AMAZONAS Subscribers can log in with their email address and read the Digital Edition immediately.

30 Sep 12:04 PM 0

Arriving Soon: Tank-Raised African Freshwater Pipefish

The African Freshwater, or Dwarf Red Snout, Pipefish is exotic and rare enough that even expert aquarists assume it is more at home on a coral reef than in a clear freshwater stream 100 miles from the ocean. Now this sometimes brilliantly pigmented little species is being bred in captivity and is starting to enter the aquarium trade.

02 Apr 4:12 PM 1