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In the Trade: Redtail Brycon

The best new fish we received are the redtail Brycon characins. This is the fish you need if you’ve ever looked at a Buenos Aires tetra and thought ‘I wish that was bigger and toothier’.

10 Jul 2:26 PM 0

Exploring the Underwater Life of Ecuador’s Napo Wildlife Center (Part I)

Mike Tuccinardi visits Ecuador’s famed Yasuni National Park to explore the freshwater fish fauna in and around Napo Wildlife Center.

01 Nov 4:04 PM 3

Marine Life Montage: New Exports from Ecuador

This fishery is relatively new and currently is shipping mainly to Europe. It will be some time before fish and inverts from Ecuador will be seen in the US, but for now enjoy a sampling of the beautiful marine life found off the Ecuadorian coast.

25 May 4:05 PM 2