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New invention safely transports unknown, deep-dwelling fishes to the ocean’s surface

Scientific divers and biologists at the California Academy of Sciences engineer a portable chamber to study new species from 200 – 500 feet deep

20 Jun 2:47 PM 0

Coral Reef Fish Roundup – New Fish Species

A butterflyfish, a dottyback, and a damselfish are just some of the latest new species of fish discovered on coral reefs.

30 Oct 11:50 AM 0

CORAL BONUS: Geographic Variants Within the 30 Current Species of Clownfishes – (Part 6a) – Introduction

Matt Pedersen sets the historic stage for examining the geographic variants of species found in the subfamily Amphiprioninae, better known as Anemonefishes or Clownfishes.

18 Dec 3:30 PM 0