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Biota Introduces Aquacultured Fish and Corals from Panama

Working in partnership with Panama-based Bocas Mariculture, Biota Aquariums introduces a wave of new aquacultured fish, corals and invertebrates with a distinct Caribbean theme.

27 Jan 5:35 PM 0

CORAL Excerpt: Stocking a Pico Reef

CORAL polled a panel of magazine contributors who are highly experienced pico-reef aquarists, asking them for their most-recommended pico reef inhabitants, suitable for a reef in a vessel of less than five gallons (< 19 L).

01 Feb 11:46 AM 5

CORAL Bonus: Expanded CORAL Visions November/December 2017

Check out the exceptional coral morphs and cultivars that did not make it into CORAL Magazine’s last CORAL Visions column for 2017!

29 Nov 3:02 AM 0