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MACNA 2018 Speakers Presented on Diverse Topics

It’s impossible to catch all that MACNA offers, but here’s a glimpse at some of the learning opportunities offered by this year’s speakers.

14 Sep 10:38 AM 0

Apocyclops Poised to Revolutionize Marine Fish Aquaculture

With copepods being critical in the rearing of ornamental marine fishes, Parvocalanus may be surpassed by Apocyclops as the pod of choice for small-scale breeding research.

27 Jul 6:13 PM 0

DWA Eyeing The Prize of Captive-bred Flashlight Fish!

From “behind the scenes” at the Dallas World Aquarium: We are excited to announce that we are working hard to raise baby Flashlight fish (Photoblepharon palpebratus) in captivity.

20 Jan 12:58 PM 0