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Jellyfish Art Intrigues Teachers at NSTA Conference

Teachers learn how jellyfish in the classroom can be a powerful tool to inspire curiosity in students and meet science learning standards

17 Mar 12:08 AM 1

Education and Jellyfish – Brandon Rutherford at NSTA Chicago

Jellyfish Art unveils a new educational curriculum with Brandon Rutherford at the National Science Teachers Association convention in Chicago, March, 2015.

13 Mar 3:20 PM 1

Classroom Aquarium Keeping Empowers Young Students

My students learned the first lesson of aquarium keeping: that aquarists are in total control over the life inside their tanks. It was immediately apparent that an adult wouldn’t step into help them and the future of the living things in the aquarium depended on them. With time, the care they took to keep the fish alive and happy started to transfer to how they treated others and, later, themselves.

17 Feb 2:28 PM 7