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18 Scientists Call for Reform of Reef Livestock Collection

International law has failed to protect coral reefs and tropical fish from being decimated by a growing collectors market, but U.S. reforms can lead the way towards making the trade more responsible, ecologically sustainable and humane. That’s the view of 18 experts, including Washington State University marine ecologist Brian Tissot, writing in the journal Marine Policy.

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A Response To “Crawling to Collapse”

It is with some dismay that I read the responses of Watson, Moe, Wittenrich and Young regarding the article, “Crawling to Collapse: Ecologically Unsound Ornamental Invertebrate Fisheries,” by Rhyne et al. (2009).

05 Apr 11:31 AM 1

Shrouding Opinion in Fact: Science Stampeding to Collapse

The recent New York Times article which reports and discusses the paper “Crawling to Collapse: Ecologically Unsound Ornamental Invertebrate Fisheries”, published in the online journal, PloS ONE, highlights a disturbing trend in “science,” whereby the authors are allowed, if not encouraged, to pass off an opinion as if it were a scientific fact and publish these “facts” in a manner typical of advocacy and not science.

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