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Do you love corals? A letter from PIJAC’s Marine Aquarium Committee

PIJAC’s open letter to MASNA regarding the listing of 20 coral species as threatened has grim implications.

09 Sep 12:42 PM 1

NOAA Lists 20 Corals as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act

NOAA announced today it will afford Endangered Species Act protections to 20 coral species. All 20 species will be listed as threatened, none as endangered. Fifteen of the newly listed species occur in the Indo-Pacific and five in the Caribbean.

29 Aug 1:00 AM 2

List of Corals Proposed for US Endangered Species Status

66 Species of stony corals that NOAA Fisheries is proposing for Endangered or Threatened Species Status (November 30, 2012)

01 Dec 10:28 AM 4