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What You Missed at MACNA 2022: Innovative Speakers

As a “vendor” on the show floor, in my case representing CORAL Magazine, it’s very difficult to get away to cover three days of lectures. I managed to sneak a moment away from the table on Friday morning to sit in on the well-attended presentation from Dr. Jamie Craggs of the Coral Spawning Lab in London, England.

15 Sep 5:02 PM 0

Captive-Bred Elegance Coral Breakthrough

Once considered among the most-challenging—or even impossible—candidates for captive aquaculture, the large-polyp Elegance Coral, Catalaphyllia jardinei, has become ever more scarce in the aquarium trade as imports from the wild have dwindled in recent years. Now a team led by Dr. Jamie Craggs has cracked the reproductive code of this prized stony coral in their labs in the United Kingdom.

08 Sep 2:01 AM 2

U.K. Scientists Spawn and Settle Scolys!

Still known to many aquarium hobbyists simply as Scolies or Scolys due to their former placement in the genus Scolymia, the captive-breeding of this highly-prized large polyp stony coral from Australia was once simply a daydream. It’s time to wake up and face a new reality with the first successful captive propagation of Homophyllia australis.

17 Oct 10:42 PM 2