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A Thorny Mystery Coral Revealed

So, was your answer to our “Thorny Mystery Coral” correct? Vincent Chalias of Bali Aquarium shares the scoop on a particularly unique coral that’s now being maricultured in Indonesia.

18 Jun 3:08 AM 1

Flabbergasted in Fiji: Coral & Live Rock Exports in Limbo for 2018

Fiji’s Ministry of Fisheries & Forests suddenly and unexpectedly bans coral & live rock exports with a Facebook post. Chaos ensues, with the future for the aquarium trade uncertain.

05 Jan 5:24 PM 5

VIDEO & Excerpt: Bali High & Hidden Gardens – Indonesia Coral Farming

Journey to Indonesia where Bali Aquarium, with the leadership of Vincent Chalias, produces maricultured corals for the aquarium trade.

13 May 1:11 PM 0