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New Flaming Red Gorgonian Found

A startling splotch of vivid crimson growing on the substrate was what first caught the eye of Peruvian marine zoologist Yuri Hooker in 2002 while diving in the relatively unexplored waters of the Peruvian Pacific.

23 Feb 3:14 PM 1

Science Happens: New Caribbean Deepwater Blenny Found

A beautiful new species of blenny has been discovered as unintended bycatch during targeted specimen catching off Curaçao at about 550 ft (157-167 m) depth as a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP).

07 Jun 10:16 AM 0

Pulsing Xenia Mystery Solved

Israeli marine scientists say they have discovered why Heteroxenia corals pulsate, resolving a 200-year-old scientific mystery

22 May 4:25 PM 2