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Online Coral ID Workshops and BYOGUIDES are back!

The Online Coral ID Workshops with Russell Kelley and BYOGUIDES are back! 16 hours of training spanning 4 days, led by Russell Kelley,author of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder (5 editions) & the Reef Finder, with assistance from Kevin Erickson.

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Comprehensive CITES Coral ID Guide Now Available

Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter of live coral, and stony corals are one of the most traded CITES-listed marine animals globally, A new coral identification addresses the need for a visual resource to differentiate stony corals originating from a wild-collected or mariculture source. The 147-page full-color guide is a deep dive into what custom officials should be looking for when they inspect CITES corals consignments to help them identify illegal imports, and includes detailed images and descriptions of 55 stony coral genera.

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