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CORAL Featured Video: Reef Life of the Andaman Sea

This is Part 9 of Nick Hope’s excellent series, also available in feature length on the Andaman Sea, also known as the Burma Sea, part of the eastern Indian Ocean.

24 Jan 4:33 PM 1

CORAL Featured Video: A Reef in the Sky 4

Here’s a thought-provoking open aquascape by Hong Kong reef aquarist “AlphaSierra,” who has a series of videos of this system posted on YouTube.

23 May 11:13 AM 0

Featured CORAL Video: Moray Eels of the Andaman Islands

This video features 11 species of moray eel from the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, the Burma Banks, and various sites around Phuket and the Similan Islands in Thailand.

13 Mar 4:41 PM 0