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A New Source For SPS: Palau & Biota

A few smaller test shipments of these aquacultured corals have already arrived in the United States and were distributed from the Biota Aquariums facility in Florida. Currently, Biota’s culture efforts are focused on Acorpora; hobbyists can expect varieties in several classic growth forms described as staghorn, bottlebrush, tabling, and bushy.

23 Nov 1:42 PM 0

Australian Scientists at Monsoon Aquatics Breed Scolys!

What’s better than finding an amazing master Scoly? Successfully spawning one! Scientists working at Monsoon Aquatics in the the Bundaberg, Australia facility have successfully produced captive-bred Homophyllia australis!

18 Oct 11:28 PM 2

Build Up: Frag Farming, High-Rise City Style

When the population density of your frag racks becomes problematic, take a cue from city planners and build-up!

18 Apr 5:23 PM 1