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CORAL Magazine New Issue “BUILDING BOMMIES” Inside Look

A visual preview of highlights in CORAL’s July/August 2016 Issue. Paid CORAL Subscribers can log in with their email address and read the Digital Edition immediately.

23 Jun 11:24 AM 0

Finding Dory: A Darker Side?

A relatively small number of aquarists are viewing with growing concern the current publicity wave for the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie titled “Finding Dory” and featuring this fish: a Blue or Hippo Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus).

04 Mar 2:12 PM 6

Surgeonfish Blues: Euro Group Warns About Coming Disney Movie

Predicting that uninformed consumers will be inspired to buy a live “Dory” for their aquariums, a European non-profit organization is mounting an educational campaign to discourage the purchase and keeping of Paracanthurus hepatus, variously sold as the Palette Surgeonfish, Regal Tang, Blue Tang, or Pacific Blue Tang, a native of the Indo-Pacific.

18 Jun 4:34 PM 0