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Rainbowfish Extra: Chilatherina alleni “Wapoga” with Gary Lange

Steve Waldron’s planted rainbowfish aquarium comes alive with Chilatherina alleni territorial displays. Steve asks the collector of these rare rainbows, Gary Lange to share with him more about this remarkable fish and its introduction to the aquarium world.

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Finding and Breeding The Sentani Rainbowfish

The next morning, though, we were greeted with a surprise. We saw gorgeous fishes radiating bright red all over their bodies, with a hint of pink and bold black edgings to the fins.There was no longer any trace of pop-eye! Had it been the long period of transportation or the pure oxygen I had put in the bags at the meeting? We had no idea—the main thing was, they were healthy. We both sat in front of the tank and celebrated like small children, even after several decades together in the aquarium hobby.

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