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Two New Dwarf Angelfish Hybrids From Bali Aquarich

Our regular visit to Wen-Ping Su and Bali Aquarich was long overdue. It never disappoints. As usual Mr. Su had a couple of surprises up his sleeves; he greeted us with 2 new hybrids of Centropyge dwarf angelfish.

20 Jan 1:21 PM 1

CORAL Magazine New Issue “SPINY WONDERS” Inside Look

A preview of articles and images in the just-published issue of CORAL, The Reef & Marine Aquarium Magazine, March/April 2020.

21 Feb 12:24 PM 0

Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Flame & Multicolor Angelfishes

There have been many breakthroughs in the science of aquaculturing dwarf marine angelfish, however, even with these scientific triumphs, it remains labor intensive and expensive.

08 Sep 10:35 PM 0