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In The Trade: Haplochromis thereuterion

Haplochromis thereuterion is only sporadically available in the trade.  Their original niche in the Lake was similar to Tanganyikan Cyprichromis, living high in the water column and feeding on zooplankton.

23 Jul 11:44 AM 0

The Aquarium Hobbyist’s Role in Fish Conservation

Assessing the Species in the CARES Preservation Program and the Role of Aquarium Hobbyists in Freshwater Fish Conservation, a new article published in the open-access journal Fishes, describes the necessity for hobby, science, and conservation entities to communicate and collaborate towards the common goal of freshwater fish conservation.

04 Nov 2:12 PM 1

CARES Preservation Program Launches New Website

The aquarium hobby conservation group, which encourages captive breeding of fish species under threat in the wild, launched an updated website and priority list

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