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Tunze brings a touch of class to algae-cleaning Care Magnets

Roger Vitko of Tunze USA, based in Austin, Texas, provides the fascinating backstory to these seductive new algae-cleaning magnets that have been several years in the development pipeline:

24 Feb 12:09 PM 0

What You Missed at MACNA 2022: New Products and Inventions

MACNA continues to be the premier event where marine-aquarium-related companies debut and showcase their latest innovations. 2022 was no different; several manufacturers and distributors saved their best for introduction at MACNA, just as the aquarium retail sector starts to ramp up for the normally busy fall season!

30 Sep 4:41 PM 0

Video: Tunze 2014 New Products

Tunze shows off new internal circulation pumps, internal protein skimmer, LED lighting and an innovative take on the classic magnetic algae scraper.

23 Jul 4:07 PM 0