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Quality Marine Receives Cultured Balistoides conspicillum

Clown Triggerfish hatched in captivity and raised by Biota Marine Life Nursery in Palau are now being exclusively offered for the first time in North America by Quality Marine.

03 Apr 5:36 PM 0

CORAL Excerpt – Butterflyfish Breakthrough; The Hawaii Larval Fish Project

I had been off-island on a boat with no phone contact, and was very eager to find out how the little ones were doing—especially Sunny. Like Jack, Sunny was a very special fish.

08 Mar 12:28 PM 4

Odontanthias fuscipinnis – Anthias Captive Rearing & Breeding Proof of Concept

Frank Baensch introduces the world to the first captive-reared anthias, Odontanthius fuscipinnis, a Hawaiian deepwater rarity.

14 Oct 3:05 PM 1