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Available Again: Captive-bred Cleaner Wrasse

It has been years since the first captive-bred cleaner wrasses were created, by accident, during an angelfish-rearing effort at Bali Aquarich. Now, captive-bred Cleaner Wrasses are here again and available in very limited quantities via larval-rearing efforts at Biota’s Hawaii facilities.

07 Oct 2:01 PM 0

Bali Aquarich Successfully Breeds Harlequin Tuskfish

With the aquaculture of Choerodon fasciatus by Bali Aquarich, a new genus and species of wrasse has been successfully bred in captivity! We’re delighted to share these first looks at what are roughly 1 cm juvenile Harlequin Tusks.

13 Oct 3:27 AM 0