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Reefing in Heels

There’s a new challenge taking over Instagram this week called #reefinginheels in support of #womeninreefing. Inspired by Scooby Tu’s post about #sneakersandreefs, influencer Kat Dhawan posted a photo of herself lounging in front of her reef tank and famously wearing her legendary high heels.

02 Aug 1:40 PM 1

Reefkeeping Community Mourns Caitlin Lee

Caitlin Lee, born May 29th, 1987, a New York native, passed away unexpectedly on February 13th, 2021. She was a friend to many in the reef aquarium community, who are collectively stunned by her untimely passing.

27 Feb 7:51 PM 0

Culturing a More Diverse Planted Aquarium

The future looks bright for tissue cultured aquarium plants in the aquarium hobby.

11 Mar 12:47 PM 4