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VIDEO: Details of Betta macrostoma mating and breeding

Betta macrostoma is an iconic mouthbrooding betta species that presents husbandry and breeding challenges. Sumer Tiwari shares exciting footage of the breeding behavior of Betta macrostoma, and shares his tips and tricks for success with the species.

10 Jul 2:40 PM 8

Wild Bettas – AMAZONAS Print Preview – September/October 2015

Wild Betta species headline the September/October 2015 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine, with additional features including an overlooked Nano Livebearer, a no-heater Planted Aquarium, and so much more. Take a peek inside!

08 Aug 10:48 AM 1

AMAZONAS Video: Betta macrostoma

Stunning footage of the most coveted mouthbrooding betta in the aquarium hobby.

23 May 2:51 PM 0