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Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery: What Happened? MACNA 2018

Dr. Bruce Carlson examines the most well-managed marine aquarium fishery on the planet, and why it is now facing a very uncertain future.

20 Sep 9:50 PM 4

PIJAC’s Letter Campaign In Opposition to S.B. 1240

PIJAC’s position; Hawaii’s marine aquarium fishery bill SB1240 sides with emotion, and directly opposes a huge amount of sound science! Hawaii will institute an indefinite ban on aquarium fishing permits

12 Jun 3:26 PM 1

Sea Shepherd Launches New Anti-Aquarium Campaign

Long-time foes Robert “Snorkle Bob” Wintner and Rene Umberger, both with ties to the dive and snorkle tourism trade in Hawaii, lead new effort to attack the aquarium trade

22 May 4:58 PM 2