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Building a Biotope: A Step-by-Step Rio Negro Aquarium

Take a detailed look at building a Rio Negro biotope aquarium from start to finish in this web supplement to Biotopes of the Rio Negro in the July/August 2017 issue of AMAZONAS

06 Jun 11:52 PM 14

Biotope Video: Blackwater Shallows in the Middle Rio Negro

Explore the diverse underwater life of this tropical freshwater habitat in Brazil’s Rio Negro, home to dozens of popular aquarium species.

09 Jan 1:33 PM 10

Rio Negro ‘Hystrix’ Stingray Gets a Name: Potamotrygon wallacei

A species of freshwater stingray endemic to Brazil’s Rio Negro and popular in the aquarium trade and hobby has been described scientifically as Potamotrygon wallacei

21 May 12:25 AM 0