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Forget the Goldfish—Stocking a Patio Water Garden

The benefits of fresh air and sunshine are not limited to people. Fish that are kept in the aquarium year ’round are often pale and lethargic when compared to their brothers and sisters that have spent some time in one of the various homemade and portable ponds.

18 May 11:43 AM 0

Video: Tour an Amazing Koi Pond & Bonus Red Bee Shrimp Video

Tour a 16,000 gallon backyard koi pond and look at the moving bed filtration that keeps it running crystal clear.

15 May 1:28 AM 0

AMAZONAS Video: Backyard Pond Inspirations

Here’s a portfolio of appealing garden water features and their ecstatic owners. Mildly promotional, but inspiring for anyone bitten by the pond bug as spring weather unfolds.

02 May 4:32 PM 0