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US FWS Issues Ban on 10 Fish Species & 1 Crayfish

The listing generally makes it illegal to import live animals, gametes, viable eggs, or hybrids of these species into the United States.

01 Nov 4:04 PM 0

UK-based OATA Relaunches “Hands Off My Hobby” Campaign

The UK’s Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is asking all the main UK political parties to promise to oppose any future wholesale ban on exotic and wild caught species that would affect the ornamental fish-keeping hobby.

22 Jan 4:51 PM 0

New O’ahu Aquarium Fishery Rules Approved

First the West Hawaii Fishery, and now the O’ahu Aquarium Fishery gets new collection rules including bag limits, size limits, and bans on the collection of certain species.

26 Oct 3:54 AM 5