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Reef Ark is Launching: the Living Coral Bio Bank

GBR Legacy with partners Corals of the World and Cairns Marine, will safeguard the biodiversity of all hard-coral species by collecting, storing, and keeping them alive in what they’ve dubbed a “coral ark”.

02 Jan 4:26 PM 2

Yale Environment 360 Highlights Scramble to Save Coral Reefs

Journalist Ret Talbot offers a “state of the coral reefs” and highlights research efforts to identify what can be saved in the face of worsening conditions for coral reefs.

08 Feb 12:05 PM 0

“Assisted Evolution” for Reefbuilding Corals

In a race with the accelerating warming and acidification of the seas, marine biologists are attempting to put stony corals on a fast track to becoming more tolerant of water conditions that might previously have triggered their bleaching or demise.

14 May 12:32 PM 1