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Exploring the Underwater Life of Ecuador’s Napo Wildlife Center (Part I)

Mike Tuccinardi visits Ecuador’s famed Yasuni National Park to explore the freshwater fish fauna in and around Napo Wildlife Center.

01 Nov 4:04 PM 3

How to estimate the size aquarium needed for a given species of fish

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the space needs for fish in captivity. Jay Hemdal presents a method to more accurately assess the space needs of our fish instead of just “guessing”.

17 Jun 2:01 PM 0

Eye-Droop in Arowana and Arapaima gigas

Jay Hemdal examine an affliction of fish seen mainly in public aquariums (and a few larger home aquariums); “eye-droop” in the Osteoglossids.

27 Mar 8:48 PM 0