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Peruvian Non-Profit Research Station Seeks Crowdfunding

We take a look at the the Amazon Research Center for Ornamental Fishes project, and the man behind it, Dr. Anthony Mazeroll

06 Nov 10:08 PM 0

Aquaculturing Tropical Fish in Israel’s Desert

Despite the arid environment, Arava Research and Development Center in Israel produces captive-bred freshwater and marine aquarium fish, mainly for the European market.

05 Sep 2:47 PM 0

Farming Arowanas Where Coca Once Grew

In Colombia’s Caqueta Province, once a hotbed of illegal drug production, land once used to grow coca is being converted into dug ponds for breeding and raising the Silver Arowana, Osteoglossum bicirrhosum.

23 Aug 11:45 AM 1