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Captive-Bred Elegance Coral Breakthrough

Once considered among the most-challenging—or even impossible—candidates for captive aquaculture, the large-polyp Elegance Coral, Catalaphyllia jardinei, has become ever more scarce in the aquarium trade as imports from the wild have dwindled in recent years. Now a team led by Dr. Jamie Craggs has cracked the reproductive code of this prized stony coral in their labs in the United Kingdom.

08 Sep 2:01 AM 3

A New Source For SPS: Palau & Biota

A few smaller test shipments of these aquacultured corals have already arrived in the United States and were distributed from the Biota Aquariums facility in Florida. Currently, Biota’s culture efforts are focused on Acorpora; hobbyists can expect varieties in several classic growth forms described as staghorn, bottlebrush, tabling, and bushy.

23 Nov 1:42 PM 0

Indonesia Coral Export Stoppage Continues

“… it has been a shock for the industry, as there was no warning prior to the issuance of the quarantine notification.”

10 May 12:44 PM 0