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Collection Trip to Peru: Part 3

A productive day in Peru reveals two stunning killifish, Aphyolebias rubrocaudatus and Moema quiii. Cichlosoma boliviense, Eigenmannia macrops and Pipa pipa were some of the other interesting catches.

27 Jun 12:01 PM 2

PlanetXingu FundRazr Campaign To Fund Rio Xingu Scientific Expedition

The Lower Rio Xingu, imminently threatened by the Belo Monte Dam project, is the subject of a grassroots crowd-funding effort to support biodiversity research before it’s too late.

13 Jun 2:41 PM 0

Damming the Río Xingu: field update

With the specter of an ecosystem-killing hydroelectric dam project moving ahead in Brazil, the eyes of many concerned observers, especially those interested in the fate of native fish species, are on the Lower Xingu River.

03 Dec 5:41 PM 6