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Surprise Encounter: Albino Firemouths at ADG

Lurking in the international fish trade for a few years, a new albino variation of the Firemouth Cichlid, Thorichthys meeki, has been spotted at Aquarium Design Group in Houston, Texas, and may represent the first time this variant has been available in the U.S.

16 Nov 5:43 PM 3

AMAZONAS Magazine “CONGO TETRAS!” Inside Look

A preview of highlights in AMAZONAS Magazine’s July/August 2018 Issue. Paid AMAZONAS Subscribers can log in with their email address and read the Digital Edition immediately.

31 May 4:59 PM 0

Friday Photospread: Lured Back to Guppies

What are you missing if you don’t have guppies in your fishroom? Sumer Tiwari’s pro-guppy arguments are strong enough to convince you to start a guppy tank!

11 Dec 4:17 AM 1