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Volume 5, Number 3
ON SALE:  APRIL 5, 2016

South American Killifishes

The next edition of AMAZONAS takes an unforgettable look at the diversity and stunning beauty of South American Killies in their natural wild habitats and in the home aquarium, with articles by Manolis Johannis, Christian Kopp, Steve Waldron, Stefano Valdesalici, and Hans-Georg Evers. Genera Covered:
• Nematolebias • Austrolebias • Austrofundulus
• Rachovia • Hysolebias • Ophthalmolebias
• Pterolebias • Moema • Simpsonichthys • Spectrolebias • Neofundulus • Papiliolebias • Trigonectes
• Plesiolebias and more.

Steve Waldron of Aquarium Zen promises this report: “Collecting Rivulus killies, Blue-eyed livebearers in the mountains of Costa Rica: A travelogue about a trip my wife and I took a few years ago the primary rainforests of Costa Rica where we encountered some beautiful stream fishes in absolutely stunning forest. Some great environmental photography including in situ underwater images of the fish, images of venemous snakes and poison dart frogs if desired.”

• Peruvian Suckermouths: A Motorcycle Collecting Expedition by Daniel Wewer
• Breeding the Micro-Gouramis (Parasphaerichthys lineatus and P. occelatus) by Frank Strozyk
• Magnificent Eartheaters (Geophagus altifrons) by Thomas Weidner
• Breeding L-Cats (Hans-Georg Evers, Robert Budrovcan and Ernst Schmidt) with a focus on L 236 and other rare Hypancistrus
• Build a Black Water Biotope: Devin Biggs constructs a simple but amazing riparium tank to house wild-type Bettas

Other Articles: Special Report by Senior Editor Michael J. Tuccinardi from the Rio Xingu in the heart of the Belo Monte Project • New Rainbowfishes (Melanotaenia sembra and M. sikuensis) by Hans-Georg Evers and • New Severum Cichlids (Heros sp. “Uaupes” and Heros liberifer by Peter Dittrich.

And much more….   The May/June Issue of AMAZONAS will be arriving in homes and stores during the last week of March and first days of April.

MATERIALS DEADLINE For Submissions:  Thursday, March 10
TO PRESS:  Tuesday, March 15

Subscribers can anticipate in-home delivery of print copies around the first of April, followed by email links to the simultaneous Digital Edition.  Subscribe to AMAZONAS or buy Back Issues here.

Cover Credits:
Images top to bottom:
Austrolebias arachan by R. Pohlmann; Moema quii by L. Peck; and Rachovia pyropunctata by F. Vermuelen.

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