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CORAL Excerpt: Revealing the Mysterious Ghost Pipefishes

Flashback to 2013 – Richard Ross and Matt Wandell share their experiences with Ghost Pipefish at the Steinhart Aquarium.

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Bumphead Breakthrough: Tank Raised Parrotfish

We are excited to be the first to rear Bumphead Parrotfish—and perhaps the first to raise a true culture of the Family Scaridae!

25 Apr 10:40 AM 1

CORAL Magazine Table of Contents Jan/Feb 2014

SEAHORSES: Volume 11, Number 1

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CORAL Magazine’s Captive Bred Marine Fish Species List for 2014

CORAL Magazine’s updated and definitive captive-bred marine aquarium fish species list current through December 17th, 2013, by Tal Sweet.

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CORAL January/February 2014 Preview

CORAL launches in 2014 with cutting-edge look at seahorses: their captive breeding, husbandry, aquarium species guide, and an update on the status of seahorses in the wild.

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CORAL and AMAZONAS – Table of Contents Mission Complete!

The best news of all: The majority of these articles can be accessed through the Reef to Rainforest Back Issue Archives, in both print and digital formats.

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Leafy Sea Dragons Mating at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

A historic mating of Leafy Sea Dragons, Phycodurus eques, is reported by Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm in Hawaii

10 Apr 5:35 PM 2

Arriving Soon: Tank-Raised African Freshwater Pipefish

The African Freshwater, or Dwarf Red Snout, Pipefish is exotic and rare enough that even expert aquarists assume it is more at home on a coral reef than in a clear freshwater stream 100 miles from the ocean. Now this sometimes brilliantly pigmented little species is being bred in captivity and is starting to enter the aquarium trade.

02 Apr 4:12 PM 1

CORAL Magazine’s Captive Bred Marine Fish Species List for 2013

CORAL Magazine’s definitive captive-bred marine aquarium species list through 2012, compiled by MBI co-founder and marine fish breeder Tal Sweet.

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Microcosm Titles & Authors


Reef Fishes Series
A Guide to Their Identification, Behavior and Captive Care
By Scott W. Michael

Reef Fishes Volume 1: Moray Eels, Seahorses & Anthias
Reef Fishes Volume 2: Basslets, Dottybacks & Hawkfishes
Reef Fishes Volume 3: Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes
Reef Fishes Volume 4: Damselfishes & Anemonefishes (2008)
Reef Fishes Volume 5: Wrasses & Parrotfishes (2008)
Reef Fishes Volume…

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