CORAL July/August 2105 Issue Preview

CORAL Preview: July/August 2015, Volume 12 Number 4. Cover image by Scott Michael/background by Daniel Knop.

CORAL Magazine
Volume 12, Number 4

CORAL’s exciting next issue (July/August 2015—to be featured at MACNA 2015) will feature Herbivores that every marine aquarist and reefkeeper ought to know: Fishes, Snails, Hermit Crabs, Urchins and other grazers, large and small. Readable, authoritative articles by a lineup of CORAL experts will look the best—and worst—choices when choosing livestock to help control nuisance algae growth in the aquarium.

Expert contributions by Scott W. Michael, Dr. Dieter Brockmann, Daniel Knop, Dr. Ronald L. Shimek and Prof. Ellen Thaler.

Other Features: Plug & Play Reef Aquariums: A Buyer’s Checklist by Dieter Brockmann • Dwarf Angelfishes, Part III: Hands-on Care & Feeding of Rare Centropyge by John Coppolino • Dutch-Style Reefkeeping by Glenn Fong • Exploring Underwater Bali with Werner Fiedler • Bulletproof Corals: Part I with Than Thein

And much more….   The July/August 2015 Issue of CORAL will be arriving in homes and stores during the last week of June and first days of July.

MATERIAL DEADLINE For Submission:  Thursday, June 11

Subscribers can anticipate at-home delivery of print copies in the coming days, followed by email links to the simultaneous Digital Edition.  Subscribe to CORAL or buy Back Issues here.

Image: Chocolate Surgeonfish (Acanthurus pyroferus) by Scott W. Michael.

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