Open Season on Aquarium Fishermen in Hawaii

Mainland aquarists and those around the world may want to keep in mind that what happens in Hawaii may not necessarily stay in Hawaii.

31 Jan 11:35 AM 8

VIDEOS: Propagating and Spawning Mini Maxi Carpet Anemones

For years now we have been propagating mini maxi anemones. They are easy to propagate by cutting them in half and letting them heal for a month or two. Sexual reproduction on the other hand is much less common. 

Here at the Tidal Gardens greenhouse spawning does in fact occur. Recently, we observed our mini maxi carpet anemones spawning!

29 Jan 11:31 PM 1

Hawaii Aquarium Fishery-Related Bill Update

A recap of the 6 aquarium-fishery related bills being floated Hawaii’s legislative season this year.

28 Jan 11:19 PM 0

You Are What You Eat

One of the more interesting things that was found was that the carcasses never decomposed, instead they were consumed by scavengers ranging from Dungeness crabs to six-gill sharks, to small amphipods. In a few cases, the crabs settled on the carcass and stayed there for several days whilst they consumed their long, cold, meal.

28 Jan 1:12 PM 0

HB 883 Defines “Cruel Treatment” of Fishes Harvested in Hawaii Aquarium Fishery

Some mandated practices to avoid “substantial injury” or “cruel treatment”, intended to improve animal welfare, may actually do the opposite.

26 Jan 11:58 PM 1