Immortal Corals and Living Legacies

In a world of parallel interests that can inform our greater understanding, Matt Pedersen asks how the living coral legacy of Jake Adams will spread through the aquarium hobby for years to come, and what might that future look like for coral breeders?

29 Dec 5:29 PM 1

VIDEO Preview: Dream Atlanta Reef

This impressive 6,000-gallon reef aquarium in a private Atlanta, Georgia home houses hundreds of corals and fish. Learn all about it in the January/February 2023 issue of CORAL Magazine.

23 Dec 12:20 PM 1

Legacy Livestock

Stopping to ponderthe fact that some reef animals can, and should, outlive their owners

by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.

CORAL Magazine, Jan/Feb 2023


Botting, J. P., & Muir, L. A. (2018). Early sponge evolution: A review and phylogenetic framework. Palaeoworld, 27(1), 1–29. doi:10.1016…

10 Dec 5:54 PM 0

Quality Marine Successfully Breeds Purple Tangs

Quality Marine is proud to announce that we have successfully aquacultured Purple Tangs! These fish were bred and reared in our state-of-the-art aquaculture hatchery in Los Angeles. These young Zebrasoma xanthurum have reached marketable size, are vigorously eating Nutramar foods, and will soon be available to our retail store partners. 

09 Dec 2:40 AM 1

Online Coral ID Workshops and BYOGUIDES are back!

The Online Coral ID Workshops with Russell Kelley and BYOGUIDES are back! 16 hours of training spanning 4 days, led by Russell Kelley,author of the Indo-Pacific Coral Finder (5 editions) & the Reef Finder, with assistance from Kevin Erickson.

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