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VIDEOS: Propagating and Spawning Mini Maxi Carpet Anemones

For years now we have been propagating mini maxi anemones. They are easy to propagate by cutting them in half and letting them heal for a month or two. Sexual reproduction on the other hand is much less common. 

Here at the Tidal Gardens greenhouse spawning does in fact occur. Recently, we observed our mini maxi carpet anemones spawning!

29 Jan 11:31 PM 1

Pellets and Powders - An Overview of Coral Feeding

Corals that are fed consistently have dramatically improved coloration and growth. Here we take a look at a few popular pellets and powders.

13 Jan 3:08 PM 5

VIDEO: The Balancing Act of Calcium and Alkalinity

Calcium and Alkalinity are important chemical parameters in reefs. They are used by stony corals to build their calcium carbonate skeletons.

13 Nov 12:00 PM 0

How Important are Trace Elements in the Reef Aquarium?

Trace Elements are vital to all sorts of biological processes and due to the limited size of our aquariums can be depleted rapidly.

24 Oct 12:34 AM 10

Video: A Little Elbow Grease Reboots A Nano Reef Aquarium

New contributor Than Thein breathes new life into a beat up old acrylic nano reef!

26 Sep 3:30 AM 0