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CORAL - Than Thein

Video: Matt's Reef Tank Tours Tidal Gardens

How does someone go from being a successful business lawyer, only to throw it all away to instead become a landlocked coral farmer in the middle of Ohio? Find out as worlds collide in this unique on-location video

24 May 3:42 PM 0

Bisma Worms: A Keeper’s Guide

Spirobranchus worms and their host corals are a beautiful addition to a reef aquarium if the hobbyist is able to provide proper husbandry to keep them thriving.

16 Nov 3:48 PM 1

VIDEO: Underwater Photography

Underwater video is a lot of fun and I hope to continue to do more with it in the future. Hopefully this article gave some insight into what goes into underwater photography and videography.

30 Mar 10:25 AM 0

VIDEO: Calcium Reactors Explained

A Calcium Reactor is essentially a chamber that recirculates water and slowly dissolves calcium carbonate media by slow injection of carbon dioxide.

31 Jan 1:05 PM 2

VIDEO: A Beginner's Guide to Protein Skimming

In my opinion, protein skimmers are one of the most important devices for a reef aquarium. A protein skimmer is a device designed to clean the water in a reef aquarium by removing dissolved organic compounds.

19 Jan 12:45 AM 3