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CORAL - Brandon Rutherford

CARE in the Classroom

This year, students in Cincinnati, Ohio walk into their classroom to find a surprise waiting for them: a brightly lit nano tank teeming with invertebrates and fish, a table full of ocean artifacts they can touch, and an interactive presentation that brings a coral reef into their Midwestern school.

01 Jun 4:19 PM 0

Tanks in Classrooms: Setting Up an Educational Aquarium

Elementary teacher Brandon Rutherford created a student lead coral reef program at his school. He shares secrets for using fish tanks and reef aquariums in classrooms to teach science.

28 Mar 12:34 AM 5

Jellyfish Art Intrigues Teachers at NSTA Conference

Teachers learn how jellyfish in the classroom can be a powerful tool to inspire curiosity in students and meet science learning standards

17 Mar 12:08 AM 1

Education and Jellyfish - Brandon Rutherford at NSTA Chicago

Jellyfish Art unveils a new educational curriculum with Brandon Rutherford at the National Science Teachers Association convention in Chicago, March, 2015.

13 Mar 3:20 PM 1

Reef Aquarium Keeping Helps Students Develop Scientific Skills

Should science be taught to young children? One teacher argues that it is important for the academic and social development of children.

06 Mar 12:08 PM 7