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Genetic Investigation of Scarface Blenny Reveals New Species

The newly-described Suspiria Blenny (Cirripectes matatakaro) is a sister species to the more well-known Hawaiian Scarface Blenny (Cirripectes vanderbilti).

03 Apr 3:09 PM 0

ORA Resumes Captive-Bred Dragonet Offerings

Pioneering the first commercial offerings of captive-bred Dragonets in the US, ORA was once again showing off captive-bred Scotter Blennies, Green and Spotted Mandarins at the 2020 Global Pet Expo.

03 Apr 12:45 PM 0

Friday Photospread: ORA's New Snow Zombie Clownfish

ORA combines the Zombie Albino gene with the Snowflake gene to create a new designer clownfish combination: Zombie Albino + Snowflake -> Snow Zombie Clownfish.

27 Mar 1:28 AM 1 Read More... Mobilizes to Produce Hand Sanitizer

The parental company of has started to produce hand-sanitizer to help mitigate the shortage currently experienced around the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 Mar 12:10 PM 0

Retail Aquarium Stores React to Pandemic

The escalating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt by local fish stores and aquarium retailers around the US. Starting this week, announcements of curbside pickup, delivery options, limited hours and even temporary closures of retail spaces started showing up on social media.

19 Mar 10:33 AM 0