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MACNA Miami Launching Ticket Sales

One of the most-active marine clubs in the world, FMAS is the home club for such marine aquarium leaders and illuminaries as Martin A. Moe, Jr., Julian Sprung, Matthew L. Wittenrich, Tony Vargas, Jeff Turner, Colin Foord and others.

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Requiem for a Giant Clam

I freely admit to being a giant clam fan, and one who has never been able to resist an attractive Tridacna. And there it was, 4.25 inches (11 cm) long, in a pet store in Oberhausen in western Germany’s Ruhr Valley – this was in 1979, and in those days under T8 lighting.

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CORAL Interview: Forrest Young

The next time you find yourself eyeball to eyeball with a particularly large and menacing oceanic denizen at a public aquarium, consider this: in all likelihood, that creature has literally passed through the hands of Forrest Young.

Over the last three decades, at the helm of Dynasty Marine, Young has established himself and his company as the preeminent purveyor of large and rare saltwater specimens to a very specific and demanding clientele—the curators and staff of public aquariums around the globe, and reef hobbyists with generous budgets for acquiring new species. Young and his crew have made a name for themselves collecting everything from small, ultra-rare deepwater reef fishes to large collections of big predators that require delivery by a chartered Boeing 747.

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Planting Palmata

On the day in 1996 that changed Ken Nedimyer’s life, he was a dawn-to-dusk live-rock farmer and reef-fish collector in the Upper and Middle Keys, little known outside the small marine livestock–harvesting community in Florida where he was respected for his hard work and strong sense of environmental ethics. His Sea Life, Inc. business kept in intimate touch with nature, but it hardly promised to bring him fame or fortune.

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American Angels

For a generation of new marine aquarium keepers cutting their teeth on Acropora and Montipora fragments, the notion of a large angelfish being the icon of the saltwater hobby can bring looks of bewilderment.

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