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Hawaii's Aquarium Fishery at a Critical Turning Point

“This effort,” says Walsh, “is the result of over 10 years of research, seemingly never-ending committee meetings and public discussions, and mind-gobbling bureaucratic delays. It’s critical for those who are concerned with the well-being and sustainability of our marine resources to provide testimony in support of approval of the rules package.”

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Spectacular Vodka-Dosed Reef

Dave Burr’s guided tour of a world-class 400-gallon reef aquarium.

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Altum Angelfish Species Tank Video

With breadth to accommodate a large shoal of Pterophylum altum angels, this sytem by “Goukiie” measures 96 x 30 x 30 inches (244 x 76 x 76 cm) and is illuminated with three metal halide fixtures.

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Aquarium Trade Provides Incentives to Protect Wild Reefs

In the case of coral reefs, supplying the home aquarium trade with locally cultivated corals can provide real economic benefits to small island communities, and thus, an incentive to protect the reefs from which the mother colonies are obtained.f

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Hawaii Hearings on Aquarium Livestock Starting

RELEASE FROM the Pet Industry Joint Council (PIJAC)
Hawaii Agency To Hold Public Hearings To Adopt New Rules Governing Marine Ornamental Fish

** 1st Hearing Set For December 5th **

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The Issue:The Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) will hold public hearings on December 5th to receive…

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