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From the UK: Consider The Fate of Your Local Fish Shop

“It’s a disease that is ravaging our vulnerable, and if we aren’t careful it’ll ravage our beloved stores too. Let’s do what we can to keep them going while we stay safe, okay?” – Practical Fishkeeping Editor Nathan Hill

30 Mar 3:59 PM 0

Aquarists: Do Not Try Your Chloroquine Phosphate to Prevent COVID-19

Some fish medications contain chloroquine phosphate or other forms of chloroquine, but the active ingredients are in a different form from those intended for human use and can be poisonous if ingested by people. These products may also have additional ingredients that support the intended use, but that can be harmful to humans.

30 Mar 2:09 PM 0

MASNA Announces 2020 – 2021 MASNA Student Scholarships

This year there are two scholarships available for marine science students studying topics current and relevant to the marine aquarium hobby; one $4,000 scholarship for a college undergraduate student, and one $4,000 scholarship for a college graduate student.

24 Mar 10:34 AM 0

Stay Safe. Love Your Reef.

Please be safe. Watch your fish and corals. Stay strong.

20 Mar 12:17 PM 0 Read More... Mobilizes to Produce Hand Sanitizer

The parental company of has started to produce hand-sanitizer to help mitigate the shortage currently experienced around the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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