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Hawaii Hearings on Aquarium Livestock Starting

RELEASE FROM the Pet Industry Joint Council (PIJAC)
Hawaii Agency To Hold Public Hearings To Adopt New Rules Governing Marine Ornamental Fish

** 1st Hearing Set For December 5th **

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The Issue:The Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) will hold public hearings on December 5th to receive…

05 Dec 4:28 PM 0

Damming the Río Xingu: field update

With the specter of an ecosystem-killing hydroelectric dam project moving ahead in Brazil, the eyes of many concerned observers, especially those interested in the fate of native fish species, are on the Lower Xingu River.

03 Dec 5:41 PM 6

Video: Crepuscular Diving

The narration tells the story so no need for a lengthy description here; mostly scenes of reef fish spawning at dusk in the Pacific (Palau, Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands) and the Caribbean/Atlantic (Belize, Bonaire, Dry Tortugas).

01 Dec 11:39 AM 0

List of Corals Proposed for US Endangered Species Status

66 Species of stony corals that NOAA Fisheries is proposing for Endangered or Threatened Species Status (November 30, 2012)

01 Dec 10:28 AM 4

NOAA Proposes Endangered Listing for 66 Stony Coral Species

NOAA Fisheries is proposing Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings for 66 coral species: 59 in the Pacific and seven in the Caribbean.

30 Nov 4:31 PM 3