AMAZONAS - John Tullock

Native Fish Species Under Siege

Drought, shifting temperature patterns, and competition from invasive species are pushing endemic North American fishes to the brink.

21 Jul 9:46 PM 0

Orchids & Fish: An Alluring Combination

Suitable combinations of fish, aquatic plants, and terrestrial plants can be found to represent habitats from every corner of the globe. By incorporating elements such as epiphytic orchids into your displays, you can gain a better understanding of the complex web of life sustained in the tropical forests surrounding the streams that harbor our favorite aquarium fish.

08 Jul 5:26 PM 0

Green Aquariums - Why We Need Them

A broader awareness of the fragile beauty sheltered within coral reefs and rainforest streams can only increase the desire to protect them for future generations.

01 Jul 5:03 PM 0